. . .mY bLoG, mY aCcOuNt, mY jOurNaL, mY LoG, mY cHroNoLoGy, mY cOnFeSsiOn, mY LiFe . . .


We woke up at 8am...snoozed till 830am...hehe~ it's quite challenging to wake up so early.. especially with the nice, cold & cozy weather~
We had our breakfast at 9am... We always eat till we're full enough to last us till dinner time!
Took a walk outside our hotel.. Sea view! took a few jump shots!
the water is SOOOOOOOOO blue & clear!
even with our shadows!
I'm the driver for the day! Iris took some photos of the flats in Korea~

On our way to UTV...
Our 1st activity of the day : UTV! Usually ATV goes on land only.. this one goes into water!
2 puppies at UTV's HQ...
That's me! Doing the "A" - " T " - " V " !
very "ulu"...
Posing with UTV~
It was too short a ride with UTV, and we're not satisfied! So, we seek for more adventure! here we are at the Monster Truck!
Thereafter, Horse-riding! It's better than U-gallop! whahaha~
My horse is really naughty! when it gallops, u really get the feeling of falling off it!
getting ready for ATV!
Ta-da! an overview of the whole terrain~
we spent 2-3hours there~ rewarded ourselves with an ice-cream! Our faces were covered with so much soot and dirt after all these! gotta spend some time cleaning up...
Head to Miniature Land.. where we become giants! Ok.. RIGHT after we got in, I realised I left our car key in the BOOT! yes... screwed~ Tried calling the AVIS helpline, but it's like duck quacking to cows :( Thank God, we knocked on a car's window beside ours... and the Korean man was SOOOOO helpful!
He arranged for the AVIS personnel to bring the key down to our location. I left my number with him in case he needs to contact me. There and then, we went into Miniature Land again... the Avis person will come 30mins later~
We took photos and had alot of fun with the mirror house till we totally forgot the time....
Mirror gimmicks!
This is Hilarious!

The Korean man appeared infront of us and we were shocked! We thought he left with his family in his car already! The Avis person came and we were not there(forgot the time).. so, Avis called Korean man...and Korean man came all the way back to find us.. coz he deleted my number accidently & could not contact me *head stoops low*

All-in-all, everything was fine :) paid a minimal fee for the AVIS service. Thank you Mr Korean Man!
Teddy Bear museum was closed by the time we reached there *argh* They closed so early! Thus, we took photos in the souvenir shop..
so many bears....
No, we did not make ANY purchases here at all... except for a hot chocolate at the convenience shop near by... we were too cold and hungry to travel anywhere :(
wanted to find our SPA centre...seems like it's nowhere to be found. Somehow, the area we're in was rather sleezy.. like some kinda red-light district.....*er hem*

We settled our dinner there.. just walked into any shop we feel comfortable with.. and there, we had a warm and homely dinner *smile*
bought a small bottle of red wine, and drove back to a beach near our hotel.. night view...
There..on the beach... we left our prints :)

UTV : $30
ATV/Horse Ride/Monster Truck package : $60
Ice Cream : $3
Miniature Land : $7.50
Car Key : $22
Dinner : $8.50
Black Raspberry wine : $8
Total : $139
*per person

(Expenses so far = $1746)


We woke up at about 8am-830am and went for our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant :) It's probably about 8 to 14 degrees today. Not too cold.. just right :)
With no time to waste, we set off for our first destination! Iris took the wheel today as I drove to the hotel from airport last night. As above, I was busy looking through the maps...
Manjanggul Lava Tube ... where lava once flowed through. Too many scientific/geographic terms and theories in it.. so, let pictures speak of it...
It took us about 1.5 hours to walk all the way in & out. There are minimal benches in the cave for rest if you need :)
We rewarded ourselves with ice cream! I had strawberry & Iris had melon!
Next Destination : Sunrise Peak
Took some photos at the foot of Sunrise Peak. There's horse-riding at the vast green field!
Description about Sunrise Peak~
This picture was taken mid-way up Sunrise Peak~ We stopped by to get mineral water *pant pant*
3/4 way up! We started to perspire despite the cold weather~
Finally got there! Took us about 1hr15mins to get up. There were alot of tourists up here too...we spent some time snapping pictures before heading downhill..
On da way down.. took photo with this 'Bear Rock'.. though it doesn't really resemble a bear at all?!
At the foot of Sunrise Peak, there's female divers demonstrating how they fish :)
Before we set off for Submarine ride, we got our cup noodles and snacks from 7-Eleven! anyway, we went to the wrong location for submarine ride :( Thus, stopping by to take photo with mermaid! Will try to find Submarine tour tmr!
Along the drive way....
Sun is setting...
We drove to Jeju Media Center to catch NANTA Show! We were 2 hours early, thus walked around the area to settle our dinner...
It was our 1st dinner in Jeju and it definitely set the benchmark for great food! It was only $10 per person! The boss was really a good host to us!

*check that water jar on my right.. does not condense with cold water, and does not feel hot with hot water in it. So amazing! We wanted to buy from the boss, but he gave us One each!*
It was a good and entertaining show! We enjoyed it alot!
Looked around the Media Center abit.. There's a map of Jeju on the wall... showing the filming locations of many popular Korean Dramas!

Home Sweet Home at abt 10pm~
Manjaggul Cave : $2
Ice-cream : $3
Sunrise Peak : $2.50
7-Eleven : $4.50
Mineral water : $1
Dinner : $10
Nanta Show : $48
Total : $71
*per person

(Expenses so far = $1607)


Our SQ flight to Incheon was at 8am in the morning.... *yawn* took a cab to Iris's place and her dad drove us the T2! :) All went well...and I watched like 2.5 movies on the plane. Despicable me.. Knight & Day... half of Sorcerer's Apprentice. I love KrisWorld!

Reached Incheon at about 3:40pm and we quickly took our luggage to catch a bus to Gimpo for our domestic flight to Jeju~

the journey's about 45mins... and we totally LOVE the weather here! So coooooooold!
While waiting for our flight to Jeju at 6:15pm, we went for our dinner at the airport. I had spicy udon! the chopsticks were really slim and difficult to use :( i took a fork in the end....
and dear friend had Omu rice!

It was a very good meal to fill our empty stomach! We got to Jeju at abt 730pm and went to AVIS to get our rented car. It was too late and dark for any photos. Besides, we were so busy with getting ourselves to Sunshine Hotel. By the way, GPS in the car's in KOREAN! :(

We got to the hotel only at about 930pm. Real adventure begins tmr!
SQ International Ticket (2 ways) : $972.50
Domestic flight ticket (2 ways) : $109
Avis Car Rental : $160
Sunshine Hotel $281
Bus Ride (airport transfer) : $6
Dinner : $7.50
Total : $1536
*per person

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