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A Really Fruitful Week!~

Congratulations to my plant.. it has officially moved to a new and bigger home! QC has been asking me to keep a pet..to keep me company..but Veron's suggesting i keep a plant instead (for the pet's sake)! Decided to plant the seed that Lorraine gave me last christmas~ can't bear to grow it.. but now, i'm gonna take really good care of it! i will make sure it flowers!
and this is a really funny incident.. i was locking the gate and i realised that teddy from my bracelet was stuck! haha..so funny! quickily told Veron to capture a photo of it.. then..with Veron's help, teddy's saved! haha~
Veron came over to stay for the night.. we went AMK library to study at about 3.30pm..and she fell asleep! *faint* left library at about 7.30pm..then went NTUC to buy some yakult..sushi..and durians! came to my place..and feast while watching VCD! i specially went to IKEA to buy the carpet to prepare for the holiday sleep-over sessions! woah!~ i think..gotta get more cushions~
Oh, after one of the gym sessions, we went to eat at this Jap Restaurant..it's nice and cheap! only 99cents per plate of sushi! and all other food's servings are huge! It's hidden secludedly in KBOX building at AMK central.. level 1.. check it out! it's really good!
Was out shoppin with Iris on Thurs..and i saw this! my sylvanian families! it's a grand hotel! meaning..there's more space and i can put more things in it! but..i think, mine is nicer..more cosy..so, i shall give this a miss.. and iris took a photo of this too.. to show Dan my childish craze for this thingy... HMPH!
and i saw this cute teapot at takashimaya.. so cute! i really love it! if i really get hold of this, i'm gonna buy fruitty tea bags and drink tea everyday! so cute!!!
and this pink water bottle with flowers! i want! i'm gonna post pictures of my Christmas wish list.. so, my dear friends.. you know what to get for me! Speaking of Christmas, here are some very innovative and creative Christmas trees created...
This Christmas Tree is made of shredded papers! i wonder the creator really went to collect shredded papers, or simply shred his own papers to create this tree~
This Christmas Tree is made from bits & pieces from an electronic board i think :) it's green after all..

This Christmas Tree made from plastic forks! The creator use forks to make a shape of a star...then used these stars to form the tree! The Star at the top of the tree is "gold" in colour!
This Christmas Tree is quite special..hee~ it's made from pots, pans.. utensils, watering can..etc..all painted silver..
This Christmas Tree is quite weird..it's made from the tops and bottoms of aluminium cans.. from our soft drinks i think.. hope it doesn't attract ants!
This Christmas Tree made me take a closer look..it's made by papers folded into cone shape..then piled up to form Christmas Tree. These papers are papers from magazines.. but the special thing is that, each papers has a face on it.. so..can you imagine how many faces are there on this tree? hee~
This Christmas Tree looks common.. balls and presents..but all these are made from postcards..even the "boxes" of present.. they are not ready made boxes at all..they are 6 postcards put together! and the balls are a collage of postcards bits...
Last but not least, the Christmas Tree made from egg trays! The creator intelligently folded the egg trays into some form of shape..then tada!~


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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